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Women's Ceremonies

Return to the Well~Circling in with
the Divine Feminine


Within each of us is a deep well of Wisdom that comes from our Ancestors, our Inner Council. Spend time in Sacred Ceremony, a quiet space for accessing and engaging the ancient and universal rhythms we each carry within as Soul memory.

Join our expanding Circle of women being called into deeper awakening, to engage the change and leadership that are ready to come forth through us. Step out of your ordinary life and cross the threshold inward with the Wise Ones, listening and giving voice to the guidance they wish you to hold at this time.

Travel with me, your guide and experienced ceremonial leader, into the realms of your inner landscape, in a safe and sacred space of connection. The ceremony will be followed by time to meet and greet and to share tea and a light snack.

**The next scheduled Wisdom Council is scheduled for Sunday December 1st at the St. Luke's Episcopal Church fellowship hall, 3rd and Rosita Avenue in Westcliffe, CO. Contact me for time and details.

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