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The Art of Seeing Things

~Connecting with Place through Nature Journaling~

With Creative and Naturalist

Christina MacLeod

Monday, July 13, 2020

Westcliffe, CO

"A woman can't survive by her own breath alone, she must know the voices of the mountains...  recognize the foreverness of blue sky. She must flow with the elusive bodies of night wind women who will take her into her own self."               ~ Joy Harjo

How does Nature reveal Herself to You?

How can we cultivate our relationship with the land that offers rest, reflection, resilience and renewal?

How can we follow the footsteps of Thoreau, Aldo Leopold, Mary Oliver, Terry Tempest Williams, Annie Dillard and more, who found their deepest sense of belonging through their relationship with nature?

In these uncertain times, the intense emotional highs and lows are a challenge to navigate. As we come into the fullness of Summer, a time that invites expansion, we are instead consciously seeking  quieter moments, staying closer to home. Still there is an invitation from the natural world to re-create balance and flow, hope and resilience. Observe, reflect, and take in sense impressions, the peace and calming presence of the place you find yourself. This place called Home. This opportunity for self-reflection and healing. Notice how the outer landscape so often mirrors our inner world. We feel our wholeness and belonging within it, through it.


In this “here and now” time and place, I am excited to weave together my passion and expertise as a naturalist and creative/transformational guide. To host you in a morning of inspiration, of creative questing with all of our senses, the physical and the imaginal. Bring a journal for writing, sketching, and deep observation. Pack your colored pencils and pens, watercolors or other portable media; your camera and sense of adventure. We will explore ways of seeing called depth perception as we engage with the plants, trees, birds, insects and Place Spirits that call these landscapes their home.


You needn’t be an experienced writer or artist to find connection with the natural world. You already have it! Come as you are. We are all artists of life. Seeking inspiration. Draw a landscape, write a poem, watch a lady bug balance on a leaf; hold a conversation with a flower. Or simply sit and BE. Stretch your creative spirit and give voice to your inner musings.


Meet at 8:15 am at the pavilion parking area near the tennis courts on the south side of Hermit Road in Westcliffe. A short caravan and we will access our base camp for the morning’s activities.  You will receive a letter with planning details upon registering. NO serious hiking will be involved. We will return to town around 12:15pm.


The fee for the morning is $25. Registration is required as we can only accommodate 10 participants.

To register, contact me, Christina MacLeod, by email or text: or 719.371.1315.



**PLEASE NOTE: Due to global health concerns around COVID-19, we will be following current local and Colorado best safety practices regarding group outdoor gatherings. Participants are encouraged to wear a mask in closed quarters (vehicles) and maintain established physical distancing.

If an outdoor gathering poses health and safety risks for the participants due to unforeseen circumstances, the option to adapt this program to a stay-at-home virtual experience will be created.



Living On Purpose












~Weaving Your Vision for 2020~

Saturday, January 11, 2020
with Christina MacLeod,
Certified Creative Depth Coach


"Your dreams are a portal to your soul and to what your heart truly desires."                                                                                                          ~School of Imaginal Healing~Robert Moss



What Dream Seeds are you Planting for YOUR New Year?

Are you Ready for the Magic?


Spark your wild heart and engage your creative Spirit with a day of dreaming and exploring, visioning what you are so wishing to experience in 2020. Learn powerful tools for incubating passion and purpose and make wishful thinking a thing of the past. What a way to step into the new decade!


Create a "Cosmic Smashbook", art journal with a twist. Anchor your intentions and track your process throughout the new year. Layer your dreams AND your challenges through personal writing, mixed media, free-form drawing, words, symbols, and whatever moves your fancy. Get ready to witness your own magic become reality.

"It will be my pleasure to guide you in this 'seriously playful' creative visioning process. Come play with us."


Fellowship Hall, Community United Methodist Church

9:30am-4pm, Westcliffe, Colorado

Act NOW and enjoy BIG savings on this workshop valued at $99-$125. Early bird pricing: $79 through January 4th. After 01/04, fee increases to $89. Your payment confirms your space. Spots will be claimed quickly. There are no funds collected at the door and no refunds for this workshop. A materials list,workbook, and many supplies will be provided. Bring your enthusiasm, your lunch, and a snack to share.

​Contact Christina to register. **Tap this link to send your PAYMENT today and register automatically. Phone, text or email~719.371.1315,


Sunday, January 26th, 9:30am-4pm

Early discount extended through January 19th

3 seats remain.




Journeys with Grandmother Moon:
Session 1 :: Introduction

"The psyches and souls of women have their own cycles and seasons of doing and solitude, running and staying, being involved and being removed, questing and resting, creating and incubating, being of the world and returning to the soul-place."  Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estes, Women Who Run with the Wolves.

Through ceremony and art-making, begin an amazing and intimate connection with the energies of the Moon in her various phases. Cultivate an ongoing and meaningful relationship with her rhythms, cycles, and feminine mysteries.

Saturday, December 14, 2019
Community United Methodist Church, Fellowship Hall
Westcliffe, CO

In this Workshop, we will:

  • EXPLORE the meaning and messages held within the rhythms of the Moon, as ancient symbol and soulscape, held within her reflection.

  • CONNECT with the Moon as a reflection of the Divine Feminine, intuitive knowing, emotional fluidity, and the dance of light and shadow.

  • CREATE personal MoonCircles(tm) cards reflecting your connection with Her deeper rhythms and phases.

  • ALIGN energetically with the personal and archetypal stories held within your created images.

  • CULTIVATE and deepen your personal relationship with the Moon through metaphor, symbolic language, and visual narrative.

  • DEEPEN your ability to attune to your innermost rhythms as you create a richer, more conscious, and expanded soul connection.

This is the first of a series of  MoonCircles(tm) workshops designed to continue through several moon cycles in 2020.

Cost for the day $65 includes material, if paid by December 7. After that date, fee goes up to $75. A list of tools and supplies will be given upon registration. Bring your own lunch and something to share.

Contact me via text or email~719-371-1315



SoulCollage®Deepening~Meaning and Magic~

IGNITE your Creative Spark.

ENGAGE your Muse in sacred play.

DISCOVER new ways of understanding your Soul messages.

FIND inspiration in your creations.

CULTIVATE your intuitive knowing.

SEE yourself with new eyes.

CONNECT with other women seeking creative community.

WE ARE a growing Circle of inspired and inspiring women. Spend a thoughtful day immersed in found images, allowing layers to emerge and reveal, and creating personally collaged cards that speak the deeper language of your inner world; each reflecting back to you a richer and more colorful sense of who you are.

Saturday, October 26, 2019, 9:30am-3:30pm

Fellowship Hall, Community United Methodist Church

Westcliffe, CO

JOIN me, Christina MacLeod, Certified Creative Depth Coach, as guide and facilitator of your creative process. I have been offering SoulCollage® and intentional creativity classes in Colorado for the past six years, bringing tools, imagination, and meaning to this inspiring creative process.Contact me at 719-371-1315 by phone or text or email me at to register.

Cost for the day $65 includes materials for newcomers, $50 for continuing members. All levels of experience are welcome.

**Bring your own lunch and perhaps a snack to share. Tea and water         


An Invitation to SoulCollage®

Outer Landscapes :: Inner World





Are you ready to throw open the doors

and bring something New into your Life?


EXPERIENCE this inspirational path for visioning into your own deep wisdom, working with COLLAGE as a portal to the Soul. Staying present to our experience IS our practice, as we meet the muse and listen to our stories in ways we have not before heard. Invite your playful imaginings to emerge through images, insights and reflections. Give voice to your deepest realms, your stories and dreams, your authentic self. These stories are held in safe and sacred space, honored and witnessed as we journey the path of Wholeness.


SPEND an inspiring day using found images, creating personal cards that speak the language of your inner Soul world, reflecting back to you a deeper, richer sense of who you are. If you are a beginner, ALL TOOLS, SUPPLIES, IMAGES AND INSTRUCTION WILL BE PROVIDED.



WHEN: Saturday, February 23, 2019, 9:30am-3:30pm

WHERE: Community United Methodist Church Fellowship Hall,

              Westcliffe, CO

**Bring your own lunch and perhaps a snack to share. Tea and water         




JOIN ME: Christina MacLeod, CCDC, MAEd., is a Creative Depth Coach, MoonCircles Guide, and SoulCollage® Facilitator. She has been offering SoulCollage® and intentional creativity classes in Colorado for the past six years, bringing tools, imagination, and meaning to this inspiring creative process.


TO REGISTER: Contact Christina by text or email. 719-371-1315.

COST: $65 includes a kit with supplies you can take home for future art-making.  $55 for those with their own tools and supplies.


Are you ready for YOUR New Year?

As we soon settle in to the quieter days of Winter, gift yourself with a day of dreaming, exploring, and mapping what you are ready to experience in 2019. Spark your wild imagination and engage your creative Spirit. A perfect way to begin the new year!


It's Time to Manifest Your Dreams....

DO you have dreams of travel, writing a novel, focusing on fitness, learning a new language, buying a home, or finding a new direction in life? Spend an inspiring day mapping your visions, anchoring your intentions for this coming year, layering mixed media, images, words, symbols, glitter, ribbon, yarn, beads, bling, and whatever catches your fancy.

Saturday, January 5, 2019

 Fellowship Hall, Community United Methodist Church

Westcliffe, Colorado


Christina MacLeod, Creative Depth Coach, will guide you in this "seriously playful" creative process. A materials kit and workbook will be provided. Bring your enthusiasm and a snack to share.

Come play with us. Act NOW and enjoy huge savings on this workshop valued at $99-$125. 


Early bird pricing: $79 through December 15th with an added BONUS of a free 30-minute coaching follow-up with Christina ($65 value).


After 12/15, fee increases to $87. Your payment confirms your space. Spots will be claimed quickly. There are no funds collected at the door and no refunds for this workshop.

REGISTER by text, phone or email: 719-371-1315 or

Limited to 12 participants.

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