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Personal Coaching and Mentoring

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Within each of us is a deep longing to embrace all of who we are, to push through our comforts, to live on the edge of our next becoming. Our Soul knows the way....

Keys to your past, present and future can be found within. Symbol, metaphor, inner dialog, and storied narrative are the living language of self-discovery, restorative and transformative healing, and for activating life-altering personal change.


With me as your guide, the material of life is given safe and sacred space to be explored, shared, and witnessed. Creative strategies, uniquely designed for you, become a bridge for accessing your innermost landscape.Your connection with the natural world, the cycles of the seasons and spirit of place are uniquely interwoven into your experiences, bring richness and meaning to your journey.


Daily creative practice, Soul care, and ceremony bring clarity, confidence and intentionality into our daily living. Deep listening and intuitive cultivation awaken  an embodied Wholeness offering potent gifts to enrich your life and work.

Join me in this quest of discovery, as an explorer of your own capacities, and potential,  as Artist of Life. See all of who you are and give vision and voice to the unique being that is YOU!

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