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Outdoor Workshops and Classes

~Summer, 2021~

The Art of Seeing Things
~Connecting with Place through Nature Journaling~

With Creative and Naturalist
Christina MacLeod

Me and Mimulus.jpg

"A woman can't survive by her own breath alone, she must know the voices of the mountains...  recognize the foreverness of blue sky. She must flow with the elusive bodies of night wind women

who will take her into her own self."                                                 ~ Joy Harjo

 JOIN me for a morning of easily-navigated meandering, sensing the subtle layers of the landscape; the wildflowers, trees, and eco-niches. Tap into Place as a reflection of inner territory as well. Bring along your favorite art supplies, camera, or simply soak yourself in the peace and magic of the surroundings. And, of course, bring your journal! Other details upon registration.


An excellent opportunity for connecting with nature as Sanctuary and gifting yourself quiet time for sketching, writing and reflecting. With your guide you will find the perfect balance of freedom and structure to suit your needs. Spend time with a small group of kindred souls excited for a morning of delicious communing.


Fridays, June 11, July 16, or August 13


Limited to 10 participants each

Appropriate COVID guidelines observed

Carpooling to be arranged

$25 registration fee

Meet at 8:15 am at the pavilion parking area near the tennis courts on the south side of Hermit Road in Westcliffe. A short caravan and we will access our base camp for the morning’s activities.  You will receive a letter with planning details upon registering. NO serious hiking will be involved. No pets and no children under 18. We will return to town around 12:30pm.

TO REGISTER: contact me, Christina MacLeod, by email or text: or 719.371.1315. In-person payment only.

“There is something quite special about being outdoors~ noticing, sketching, writing, reflecting; capturing moments. Exploring the ever-deepening layers available if we only stop for a bit. In an instant we feel the sense of sanctuary.”      CMM


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