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Journaling for Self Discovery~

10 Steps to Great Journaling!

"There is an unseen Life that dreams us. It knows our true direction and destiny. We can trust ourselves more than we realize. And we need have no fear of change."  ~ John O'Donahue


In these crazy and uncertain times, my daily journaling practice has kept me grounded, focused and  light-hearted. It has offered me a container for accepting my fears and expressing my deepest longings; for accessing my wisest self and adapting to the changes needed for navigating these uncharted waters. Often I let my senses take over and write about the layers of birdsong I hear or the breathtaking sight of the high peaks set against the brilliance of a turquoise sky. Sometimes I write in red or purple, embellish the pages with watercolor, collage, or with my funky style of botanical whimsy. I LOVE the freedom of having no rules!


Over the years, my journal has become a beloved companion, always an available and forgiving witness to whatever my heart needs to say.

Beginning on Friday, October 9th and for the remaining three Fridays in October, mark your calendar and join me for an adventurous journey into the landscape of your Self. GIFT yourself with 10 great journaling practices that will open up new realms of personal awareness and awaken the creative voice within. That part of you waiting to be seen, heard, and known.

Week 1: Why Keep a Journal?

Week 2: Dialoging with Nature

Week 3: Adding Art and Color

Week 4: Tapping the Creative Spirit

** Journal practices are woven into each lesson.

DATES: Friday, October 9, 16, 23 and 30
TIME: 9:30-11:30am
ONLINE Platform: Zoom
COST: $ 55 for all 4 sessions through September 30. $65 thereafter.
Digital workbook included.
REGISTER** by sending me an email at
Your PAYMENT can be sent through PayPal HERE

**Upon registration, you will receive a materials list and a link to the workbook we will be using throughout the course.

Christina MacLeod is a Creative Depth Coach, certified through Journey Path Institute and a certified teacher of Journal to the Self through the Institute for Therapeutic Writing, founded by Kathleen Adams, MA.

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