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Sacred Plant Medicine

Working with the Spirit of the Plants~

Traditional Western Herbalism~

Whether we have a vegetable garden, enjoy the exquisite color and texture of our personal landscape, or grow herbs for cooking or medicine, Mother Earth the world over provides us with all we need for nourishment and healing. My garden produces many of the medicines offered by our apothecary, including Astragalus, Calendula, Comfrey, Dandelion, Hyssop, Lavender, Motherwort, Nettles Oregano, Sage, Valerian, Yarrow and many others. Medicines for colds and cough, immune support, anxiety and sleep issues, digestion, wound healing, women’s issues and pain management are formulated with the plants grown in our local gardens. Other medicines are created using skilled and sustainable gathering methods from plants found in abundance in the wild.

When presenting symptoms and underlying patterns of imbalance are successfully differentiated and matched with the appropriate plant medicines and dosages, illnesses can be remedied and significantly high levels of health can be attained.

Traditional Chinese Medicine~

The traditional Chinese medical system including the use of herbs for medicine has developed over more than two thousand years in its commitment to dealing effectively with the problems of health and disease states. The herbal component of this tradition is a major product of this lengthy process, bringing together folk remedies and the centuries-old medicines of dynasties to interface with modern imbalances, modern diseases, and modern wisdom.

My clinical repertory offers a variety of Chinese herbal medicines in pill or powder tea form. I work only with reputable formularies and distributors using only the purest plant ingredients. Our Chinese products contain no toxic substances, heavy metals, or animal parts, nor do they contain any endangered species or materials.

Flower Essences~

Flower essences bring to humans the vibrational imprint of the healing signature of the plant. Presented in liquid form, these medicines serve either as a remedy for a specific indication or health concern, or serve as enhancers, to support the Soul’s full self expression.

Greatest benefits are derived from flower essences when used for healing underlying mental, emotional or spiritual aspects of health, or in preparation for meditation or other contemplative practices. Look for my next post on “The Mystery and Beauty of Flower Essences”.

**Originally published in Yarrow's Garden Blog, Summer, 2015.

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