Journaling as Sacred Self-Care~

Mornings are my time for prayer, reflection, and writing. When I begin my day with writing, my thoughts flow more mindfully, my intentions more grounded, and my Spirit more attuned with the guiding energies that inform my steps. There is something quite inspiring about sitting in Nature, in the midst of birdsong, a warm breeze caressing my cheek, trees and wildflowers surrounding me, and perhaps the hint of a waning crescent moon just barely visible in the brilliant turquoise Colorado sky. The words seem to flow freely from my pen, my concerns and anxieties reveal themselves, as I excavate my inner landscape. Sometimes I remember snippets of my dream from the night before, and sometime I can just reflect on how grateful I am for how I am able to navigate each day.

In these times of pause and slowing down, I have been able to work through the certification process for becoming a teacher of Journal to the Self (R), discovering many new and enjoyable tools for journal-writing. I am now weaving these techniques with some of my creative art and smashbook journaling ideas into some fun new practices and creative processes.

More to come......


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