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Welcome to ILLUMINA....

~A Creative Sanctuary for Self and Soul~

 ChristinaMacLeod, Creative Depth Coach


About Christina~

I AM an intuitive guide and integrative healer. An artist, medicine woman, soul tender and ceremonial leader. This journey called life is an awakening onto the path of the true meaning of our humanness, our multi-leveled nature, and sharing our gifts. My mission is to offer a safe, creative, and confidential space for you to explore and heal what holds you back from your full self-expression. MY PASSION, commitment and dedication to healing offer a unique blend of spiritual companioning and gentle touch energy work that support optimal wellbeing, whole-hearted living, self-empowerment, and resilience, in an ever-changing world. My offerings blend both ancient and contemporary traditions as keys to personal transformation and balanced living. Spending time in nature, integrating daily contemplative and intentional expressive practices ground and expand our awareness of our unique connection with Self and with the Web of Life.


~She Who is Called~


Restless. Sometimes satisfied. Other times not.

She waits for a sign.

Unraveling the past, she weaves together a new telling.

Retold into the Sea of Memories.

Keeper of memories. Walker between worlds.

Misunderstood and beyond understanding.

Things about her nobody knew.

Of the power that she could access or unleash.

She had uncovered memories of the first mysteries.

And felt the rekindling of a young childlike curiosity.

The darkness gave her courage.

Her gifts of listening and seeing in the dark—a bridge.

Her abilities, a source of solace, wisdom and wonder.

Asked to join her sisters in counsel, she prepared for the deep of night to fall,

What had been remembered cloaked around her.

She circles back to the heart of who she had always been.

Letting the night sky guide her.

Does This Describe You?

If so, let's work together.
The world is awaiting your Brilliance!





Insightful guidance will move you into deepening layers of your conscious awareness, breaking through limitations and claiming who you are becoming. Retreat from the ordinary life and join our gatherings in-person or online in the comfort of your home. Build trust in your intuitive gifts through writing, creative art-making, and guided process while cultivating inner sight and self-discovery. Time in nature adds depth to your journey.



Healing with plant and stone elixirs offers a safe, natural and effective way to access deep soul-level dimensions of our being. We can re-weave light energy into body, mind, emotions, and essence, re-aligning our life path with our true nature. Clarity is restored and empowered action emerges to engage new capacities and all that we are becoming. We are able to channel new source of energy in ways that serve Life.



Sacred space honors and holds the truth of our authentic inner voice. We come together in Circle to witness each other as we access and engage with our personal and collective sources of ancestral wisdom and Divine Feminine mysteries. Sharing insights and offering intimate support invites us to live our wisdom and bring that brilliance into the world.


~Art, Ritual and the Creative Process~

Creative Process is a bridge to the Soul.....Reflections offering depth and meaning to the Art of Life.
"Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?" ...... Mary Oliver

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I would love to hear from you if you have questions, would like to learn more about my offerings, or if you are ready to step into this work together. Use the space below to get in touch.

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